Learn the drums at My Drum School and receive a solid foundation in drum set performance technique, theory and musicianship. Our lessons are available for all ages and levels of ability.

Students work through our beginner drummer’s course, combining reading, practical and technical elements to form a solid foundation in drum kit basics. Students are introduced to different fill concepts and patterns, rock, jazz, shuffles, 12/8, Latin, rolls, flams, accents, reading and rudiments, just to name a few.

An important part of our drum curriculum is learning to play with other instruments and students. Hence, students are given opportunities to play in an ensemble with guitarists, keyboardists and vocalists to enhance their musicianship and technique.

Students are exposed to an extensive repertoire from different genres, yet are also given the choice to focus on the style and genre of their liking.

We also give the option of advancing through the London College of Music Curriculum (Drum Kit) with the option of enrolling in exams.