Where can I learn guitar?

My Guitar School currently offers after hours guitar lessons at our Five Dock studios at Level 1, 135 Kings Rd Five Dock.

We also offer guitar lessons and run the Guitar Ensemble program at Marist College Eastwood.


Do I need my own guitar for lessons?

Yes you do. You’ll need your own guitar for your lessons as well as to be able to practice on at home. If you don’t have your own guitar we do have a limited amount available for hire. We also sell beginner guitars.


Do you only offer guitar lessons for kids?

No – we also offer lessons for adults


Do you only offer guitar lessons to beginners?

No – we provide lessons to students of all levels of experience. Some of our students have been learning from us for over 10 years!


What time are your guitar lessons held?

Our guitar lessons are held Monday to Friday from 4pm to 9pm.

Kid’s guitar lessons are held from 4pm

Teen guitar lessons are held from 5pm

Adult guitar lessons are held from 7pm

What type of things will I learn at your guitar lessons?

We teach what we like to call contemporary guitar. At our lessons you will be learning all of your chords as well as finger style and plectrum picking (so you’ll be learning to play both rythmn and lead guitar). We focus on popular, contemporary music and move quickly to get you playing as quickly as possible.

Do you offer guitar exams?

Yes we do – we have joined forces with the Registry of Guitar Tutors and the London College of Music to offer exams in Contemporary Guitar. These guitar exams aren’t compulsory however – students will be learning the course material as part of their overall learning – but will only sit for the exams if they want to.

What age can my child start learning guitar?

We believe the best age for children to start learning guitar is when they reach primary school. The reason for this is physical (they will be able to hold the guitar better) and emotional (they will understand the concept of being in a classroom, listening to a teacher & doing homework). We do start offering trial lessons to young students after they have turned 7.

Do students have to do homework?

Homework no – practice yes – if they want to improve. When a student starts with us they will be given a practice sheet after their lesson so that they will remember what to practice that week. It’s important that all students practice a miniumum of 10 minutes a day at least 5 days per week when they start guitar lessons so that they get the most from their lessons. Students who don’t practice will most likely fall behind their classmates and not enjoy their lessons as much as they would with regular practice.