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Guitar Lessons Five Dock

Learn to Play the Guitar in Our Five Dock Studio

Whether you are searching for a guitar lesson for beginners, or are at a more advanced level, our extensive guitar curriculum takes beginner students to advanced and even professional levels. 

The content of our curriculum enables students to complete internationally recognised guitar exams, the practical elements of the HSC examinations and prepare them to study Music at a Tertiary level such as entering the Conservatorium of Music or Australian Institute of Music (AIM Music School) etc.

guitar lessons five dock
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Guitar Lessons We Offer

MGS Music offers a range of guitar classes to suit all levels. Our guitar lessons include electric, bass and acoustic guitar lessons as well as group guitar and rock ensembles. 

Learning the Guitar - Curriculum

The content of all courses covers a broad range of guitar styles including Rock, Contemporary, Pop, Blues, Jazz, and Classical.

Notes, strings & string exercises

Reading Chord Charts & Tablature

Open chords

Students will be able to perform some easy rhythmic songs once these chords are learnt

4 Blues Riffs

Introduction to improvisation

Power Chords & Bar Chords

Chord and rhythm playing


1 group piece

A fun piece with 2 guitar parts to introduce students to ensemble playing

4 Blues Riffs Exercises

To further develop blues playing and improvisation

Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Course

MGS MUSIC is the Australian Representative for the International School of Musicians  – one of the world’s most respected music examination boards; we offer guitar exams for Electric,  Acoustic, Rock, Classical & Jazz Guitar from Preliminary Grade through to Grade 8 and even Diploma levels. 

Using the LCME system of teaching guitar, the students will be graded at regular intervals that keep the student moving forward, and at the same time give an indication of their rate of progress.

Grading has been formulated to gradually develop skills and knowledge, specifically for the guitar and all the styles associated.

Our teachers are very experienced in communicating & teaching with a sense of fun so that learning is an enjoyable experience.

Many students of MGS MUSIC have progressed to advanced levels and are now professional performers or are pursuing a career path as a music teacher.

Meet Our Guitar Teachers

MARTIJN HADDERS - guitar teacher



PETER DOUBLINSZKI - guitar and drum teacher


Guitar Teacher (Online only)

Ben Little Guitar Teacher

Ben Little


Chris Alexander

Advanced Guitar Teacher

Omar Abidin

Guitar Teacher

Start Learning the Guitar Today!

Our experienced team offers high quality guitar lessons that are focused and fun!
Based on 11 reviews
Dina Nigro
Dina Nigro
Great team ! Great support ! Willing to help always.
Louise Gina
Louise Gina
MGS Music is the best. I have really enjoyed my guitar lessons. Makes learning fun.
Leslie Rozsnyoi
Leslie Rozsnyoi
As a student of guitar, I can definitely state that I have improved over the years and that i am attempting songs/pieces that I wouldn't have dreamed of before. This is thanks to some amazing teachers that I have had such as Matt Arthur to start with and to currently, Martyn Hadders who seems to be able to get the best out of me. It has been very enjoyable!
Alain Machain
Alain Machain
They have gone above and beyond in teaching my boys how to play their instruments. They formed a band through the school and recently performed to a great crowd. They gave my boys the forum and the confidence to do it.
SaraSwati Shakti
SaraSwati Shakti
Excellent Musical Tuition, Instruction and a Team of truly lovely people.