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Music Examinations

In Partnership with the International School of Musicians

MGS Music is proud to be the only Australian representative and examination centre for the International School of Musicians (ISoM).

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What does this mean for you? 

This means our students have the ability to access and submit their digital music exams at any time. They have the widest range of instruments which means you can learn the instrument you love and progress through the levels at a pace that suits you.

We prepare students for their exams to ensure they are ready and confident to sit their music exam. 

Online Music Exams

The ISoM Performance Award Graded (PAG) Examination provides a holistic experience of constructive assessment for learning. You have complete flexibility as to when you take your graded examination.

Affordable & Easily Accessible

The International School of Musicians offer a wide range of music examinations. No unnecessary travel, no unnecessary stress and genuine financial savings.

Independent, Regulated Assessment Process

All exam submissions are assessed by a trained ISoM examiner anytime and any where, connecting you to examiners worldwide using ISoM’s state-of-the-art remote video platform.

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Want to Learn More?

Here are the finer details…

ISoM Performance Award Graded (PAG) Examinations

The ISoM Performance Award Graded (PAG) Examinations have been designed to create an examination experience tailored to each and every individual.

Curriculum and Preparation 

The curriculum for each examination level consists of five technical exercises and five pieces. Our examiners have carefully crafted and curated the repertoire to provide music candidates will enjoy, with a variety of styles and genres. The relatable pieces allow candidates to develop their knowledge and understanding of performing music they enjoy learning. The PAG assessment teaches them how to build upon their learning to improve future achievements.

Candidates also have the opportunity to compose their own performance piece. The relevant instrument and grade curriculum will contains guidelines for self-composition. These are not intended to limit a candidate’s creativity but offer the ‘scaffolding’ to help them create the best possible composition – a fully supported pathway, no matter which direction you choose.

We’ve found that such a structure not only optimises a candidate’s learning but makes them feel more confident, inspired and excited for the next steps. A more holistic method of assessment that sparks musical inspiration and encourages candidates to engage with the music they’re playing. 

The examination requires the performance of three technical exercises and three pieces of the candidate’s choosing. The examination will conclude with a discussion about the performance. 

Why should I take an exam? Why ISoM? 

 Playing an instrument enriches lives. Research continues to prove the significant contribution it can have to a child’s social, mental and physical well-being and development, and we witness firsthand the remarkable effects that playing music has on our candidates.

This shouldn’t be a luxury, but something that every child has access to.

Our candidates’ experience is at the very heart of the ISoM examination. After completing an exam, they speak of a sense of empowerment and confidence in themselves, as well as in their academic studies – whether helping them forget about academic pressures, or developing their literacy or numeracy skills. They always leave excited to continue learning, and no matter the outcome, they feel they have achieved something. 

What is the Entry Process?

Please complete the exam enrolment form. Once you have submitted the enrolment form, you will receive an invoice for the exam enrolment fee. Methods of payment: Direct Deposit & Credit Card (Surcharge Applies). 

Your enrolment will not be confirmed until full payment is received, and there are no refunds for exam fees.

If you booked an online exam, you will receive an email from ISoM to schedule a Connectivity Call. This ensures that candidates have a strong enough internet connection for a successful online exam. Following the successful completion of the Connectivity Call, the ISoM team will contact you to schedule your examination for a date and time that suits you.

If you booked a recorded exam, send your exam video file(s) to 

Recorded Music Exams

Candidates record their performance at a time and place that suits them, removing the need to attend an exam venue at a specified time and place.

When Do I Need To Register?

Enrol anytime you’re ready! Music exams are conducted all year round. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Florence (Australian Representative for ISoM) at